We are space makers. 


In space, there is room for everyone,
so let's get there together!

Let's touch the sky - and beyond!

We want to bring space closer to everyone by making affordable satellite kits, and offering space-related prototyping and design services.

Our missions are fun, sustainable and bring art, culture, technology and people together.


Anyone filled with intergalactic curiosity is our people. 

Ethical and sustainable

Our design approach ensures minimal waste, useful recycling and a minimal carbon footprint.

Design & manufacture

Let's dream it, then let's make it! We can test new ideas under water, in the stratosphere or in Near Earth Orbit!

Rapid prototyping & experimentation

We learn by doing, testing and entertaining crazy theories to see where they lead.

Spacecraft in Orbit

Space access for everybody.

We are busy learning about space and creating kits and documentation for others in the same situation. We also want to fix the big problems on space: cleanup of the Near Earth Orbit, space hotels for ants and round-the-world stratospheric art exhibitions.